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(Sept 2017) Find out how Wolfgang made Canyoneering in Alegria/Badian popular by simply changing the direction of the route.

My name is Wolfgang Dafert - and about 10 years ago i went to Kawasan Waterfalls in the town of Badian for the first time. Curious i followed the river past the first fall, the second fall and then at the third fall a local approached me and asked if he can show me more. I agreed and i could not believe my eyes. The more we ventured to the backside of the river the more it got beautiful. No people at all, only nature. Soon the river became a canyon and we had to swim and climb to get forward. Only a few months later i decided to show it to friends and then soon after i brought my customers from Freediving-Philippines here. To make it easier and more fun and have enough time to explore a longer stretch during a days trip i decided then to start in the upper part of the river which belongs to the town of Alegria and then only go river downstream ending again in Kawasan. This was so much easier and also more fun.

Friends jumping in Kawasan/Alegria Canyoning
Friends jumping in Kawasan/Badian Canyoneering


I found out that another company offered the activity already but they made it hard and technical by walking river upwards and against the current. Why make life hard and not choose the fun way? This is how the activity got very popular over time and is now the number 1 outdoor adventure on the island of Cebu, maybe even the Philippines. There is plenty of other companies offering the same trip. Knowing that some guests are always willing to pay more for better safety, equipment and services we developed the tour to a level that is very unique for a remote place like we are. Cyan guests don't have to worry any minute since we take care of everything from the beginning to the end. Being a diver i know that feeling cold is not fun. And even the not cold water in the canyon lets one cool down after some hours. To prevent hypothermia and loosing fun and also to prevent the common scratches and bumps on the legs we give all guests now full wetsuits. The shoes are also special. I found them on one of my trips to Taiwan. There you have fisherman standing on rocks in the shallow part of the ocean to catch their food. Some of these rocks are very slippery and wind and waves do their part to make it not so easy to have a good stand. So they use a special neoprene bootie that has a hard sole with additional felt on it to prevent slipping.

Special Shoes for Canyoning
Special Shoes for Canyoning


Perfect for what we do. Over the years we learned a lot, have first aid knowledge and even got technical education from the Climbing experts of Cebu City.