FAQs - Frequently asked questions


Regarding your Outdoor Tour

What do i need to bring for the tours?

Canyoneering and Waterfall tour:

  • ONLY Dry clothes for afterwards
  • For Canyoneering you also get all equipment, special non slip Canyoneering shoes, life vest, helmet, rash guard or wetsuit, food and towel from us


  • Good hiking shoes
  • Sunblock and hat
  • Small backpack

Do i need to book my outdoor adventure in advance?

Yes! To assure you a spot and help us coordinate please contact and book with us at least one or two days ahead.

Is there only one Canyoneering in Cebu?

No! There is several! We also offer technical Canyoneering in a very remote canyon 30 minutes south of Kawasan.

Can everybody do the tours?

Kawasan Canyoneering: It is not hard, but being sure footed is a requirement. The maximum jumping height is 4 to 5m. There are optional 10m jumps. :-)

Rappelling Adventure: No prerequisites and we train you all you need to know. You will rappell down several 25m high waterfalls, so be mentally ready. There are also optional 5 to 10m jumps. 

Three Waterfall Tours: For young and old as long as you can walk or you can carry your child.

Trekking: Good fitness is required since it can get hot. If wanted we can also offer a shorter route for VIP groups

Cebu City Adventure Tours: Basic fitness is ok for both tours and they are not long. For the Mystic River Tour you will need sun protection. Jungle Trekking and the gap has always tree coverage.  

Diving and SnorkelingTours: Good fitness is required since it can get hot. If wanted we can also offer a shorter route for VIP groups

Can i do the activity also with kids?

Canyoneering: Kids 12 and above

Hidden Waterfall: All ages

Trekking: Kids 10 and above

Isn’t Kawasan Canyoneering the same like visiting the Kawasan waterfalls or Kawasan Canyoneering?

No. The easy accessible front part with the 3 waterfalls of Kawasan is just the end part of our tour.

The most spectacular part of Canyoneering is in the upper part of the river.

Are there any Dangers?

Yes, any kind of outdoor activity poses a certain amount of risk. Our job is it to make your trip safe.

For the Canyoneering activity, we equip you with life vest, helmet, special Canyoneering shoes (non slip sole) and even a full body wetsuit.

Additionally, we have a guest to guide ration of never more than 4:1.


Do we need to repel (abseiling)?

Kawasan/Alegria Canyoneering does not involve rappelling or any kind of rope work. We walk and jump river downstream.

Rappelling Adventures/Technical Canyonering includes rappelling down 25m.

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What is the best time to come to the Philippines?

Most tourists prefer to come to the Philippines from November to April. But actually, you can travel to the Philippines YEAR ROUND!

Here you find a very good website with climate information for the Philippines.

The months April and May are a little bit hotter. There is no real distinctive rainy season. From July to September there can be a bit more rain, but its still ok to travel. Cebu Island is protected by surrounding islands from major storms and typhoons, which also means that there are only small waves. Cebu City has a more rain than Moalboal since the Weather is coming mostly from the east and Moalboal is facing west.

Is there a typhoon season?

Because of many concerns regarding Typhoons: Yes, they are frequent in the Philippines, but most of them don`t affect us here in Cebu or Moalboal!

Even during rainy season we offer all tours. ONly about 5 to 10 days a year we have to cancel tours because of very bad weather.

What if it rains on the day of the tour?

All tours are also ale during rain. Even the Canyoneering. If it rains for a longer period and the water level in the canyon is too high we will make an alternative route for the same price.

Safety goes always first, so if the water level does not allow any activity we will give full refund for the tour. 

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Can i use my mobile phone in the Philippines?

Anywhere on Cebu Island, you can use your own mobile phone, and there is coverage almost everywhere by leading providers in the Philippines. Ask your local mobile provider if your SIM card works in the Philippine SMART or Globe network. Local SIM cards are less than 1 US$ which saves money and locals often won't reply to your international number.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Free WiFi is available in most resorts and also restaurants.

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Booking - Money - Payment - Cancellation Policy

Do i have to book a place and make a downpayment or can't i just show up?

Tour places are limited so if you want to be sure that you can join you have to book a place.

We have a minimum of 2 person to start a tour. No minimum for Kawasan Canyoneering.

How do i book a place?

Simply go to our website and get instant confirmation on your booking. You can also call or text us under +63 927 42 66886.

How do i pay in your webshop?

You can pay in ourwebshop 

  • Bank Deposit (Filipino based Bank or European bank account- transfer cost covered by sender)
  • PayPal - Credit Card (no need for a PayPal account if you pay the PayPal order with credit card)
  • Western Union

How do i pay in your physical?

You can pay in sales office in Panagsama

  • Cash - US$, Php, EUR,
  • Physical Credit Card Machine (no extra charge!)
  • WeChat Pay

Is there an ATM in Moalboal?

Moalboal has now 4 ATM machines! Most have a one time withdrawal limit of Php 10,000, but you can withdraw more often. If your ATM card has the Maestro sign it should work. Have a plan B since about once a month the ATM machines are not working or empty.

The next ATM is in Barili, which is 1 hour by car/bus away.

What is the cancellation policy?

Full refund and no penalty for cancellations made 30 days or more before the activity date (except the PayPal transfer fee).
Also in case of weather related cancellations we give full refund.

For cancellation 15 days to 29 days we refund 30% of the full price.
Less than 15 days - no refund

This policy applies for outdoor adventures only. Rooms or any other items may have different cancellation policy stated.

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Flight / Transportation

How far is Moalboal from Cebu City?

About 2 1/2 to 3 hours by bus or taxi. Book your reliable transfer to Cebu City with us.

How much is the airport tax in Cebu/Mactan?

The departure tax for domestic flights is Php 200.00 and for international flights out of Mactan Airport it is Php 750.00

How long before my flight should I leave the resort?

If you are taking a domestic flight out of Mactan Airport, then we recommend that you leave 4 hours before the flight time; if you are taking an international flight, then we recommend you leave 5 hours before your flight. Careful on public holidays or in rush hour when the travel can be +1 or +2 hours.

Can you help with on-line check-in for my return flight?

Yes we can help you with on line check in and print your boarding pass if your airline offers this facility.

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Is there anything special i should keep in mind health wise?

Cebu Island has no Malaria problems. Despite this fact we recommend traditional Mosquito bite prevention (lotion, fan, mosquito net) against Dengue fever on Cebu Island. Most common medicines are available in Cebu City or Moalboal without prescription and they are usually cheap. Moalboal has 2 physicians, but for bigger health problems or emergencies we recommend Cebu Doctors in Cebu City. This hospital has high standards.

Is tap water safe to drink?

We recommend to only drink bottled water since there have been cases of people living in the provinces getting seriously ill from drinking contaminated tap water.

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