(Feb 2016) NEW operational headquarter on the road to Moalboal, beside our existing sales office in Panagsama.

We still have our sales office in Panagsama, but we added a big operational headquarter on the road to Moalboal.

Cyan sales office Moalboal Panagsama daytimeCyan sales office Moalboal Panagsama night time

A few month ago we finished our new headquarter just 250m away for the sales office going direction Moalboal town.

We have there big parking, a big welcome area, equipment storage, drinks, ...

Since the place is so big we have a complete tourist information "Moalboal Infopoint". Maps, room booking, SCUBA booking, motorbike and citybike rental, classroom rental, ...

New Cyan Headquarter in Moalboal

Visit our new Cyan HQ!