NEW Canyoneering tour in Malabuyoc

10% discount if you book 2 Tours!

Every day Whale Sharks!

Cyan Adventures

Moalboal Tours

Cyan Travel Services


Safety for Canyoneering


Italian helmet. Just to be sure ....

Full neoprene wetsuit

Protects from scratches and bumps. But most importantly: keeps you warm and enjoying all way

Life vest

Also non swimmers can join our tours!


Special nonslip shoes avoid slipping and injury in the first place


Team Cyan


2 Tours - 10% off
2 Tours - 10% off

Why stop after having one great tour? Avail of our BUY 2 Tours 10% DISCOUNT. This is for all tours including whale shark.

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How canyoning got popular
How canyoning got popular

Find out how Wolfgang made Canyoning in Alegria/Badian popular by simply changing the direction of the route.

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Freediving changed Me
Freediving changed Me

Find out how freediving opened up my mind about the fear of the deep blue sea, and how it made me more aware of other sensations that you feel when freediving.

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